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While the rules of bingo have remained the same for years, the image of the game has dramatically changed over the past decade. From the modern bingo halls to the vast array of online bingo sites, bingo fans have no shortage of options when it comes to deciding where to play. The real success story in recent years has been the growth of internet bingo. It hasn’t just been the established names in the bingo world who have looked to explore the huge online market, though, with new bingo sites also constantly popping up all over the web.

Without the obvious aspects of the traditional game such as players yelling out “Bingo” or “Full House” upon a win or the caller using “bingo lingo” to reveal the numbers, online bingo nonetheless isn’t short of excitement and thrills.

With so many bingo sites now fighting for position in a packed market, bingo sites are now offering some incredible bonus offers in order to tempt customers to their sites. While a lot of offers require a financial deposit to be made before being awarded the bonus, there are plenty of sites offering new players the opportunity to pick up a bingo bonus without making a cash deposit.

No deposit bingo bonuses often come in the form of cashable or non-cashable bonuses. While cashable bonuses allow the player to withdraw any potential winnings from a bonus after meeting a certain number requirements, non-cashable bonuses are there to help build a playing account and help new players spend more time getting to know a site and how it works.

Both types of bonuses are very useful ways for new players to get used to how a site works, from the gameplay to the customer service. With some substandard bingo sites out there, these no deposit bonuses give players the chance to work out which sites are the best suited to their needs.

While a lot of players entering the world of online bingo for the first time will have a vague understanding of how exactly bingo works, the use of no deposit bonuses is the best way for players to get used to it properly. Whether you’re playing for four corners, a line, two lines or a full house, there is a lot more to modern bingo than you might expect, and your no deposit bingo bonus can be used to make sure you know what you’re doing before you start risking your own cash.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do you win at bingo?

    There are several ways to win: if you have completely ticked off one or more rows of numbers, and also if you have ticked off the whole card – the full house.

  • Do I have to cross off the Bingo card myself?

    At most casinos, you don’t have to! The software keeps track of everything for you so you never miss a Bingo. This is especially easy if you play with multiple cards. This way, the game always runs pretty smoothly and, thanks to the automated system, you can always stay calm, keeping control and overview of the game.

  • What are deployment conditions?

    The terms and conditions describe the minimum amount you can deposit into your gaming account. These wagering conditions also state the minimum amount required as a stake to play Bingo. There are also often conditions for the minimum and maximum amount of winnings you can cash out daily or at a time. These conditions vary from site to site. It is therefore wise to always double-check the terms and conditions. That way, you’ll know exactly what agreements apply at your favourite casino!

  • How many rounds are there in online bingo?

    There are no minimum or maximum number of rounds at bingo. Sometimes, however, some prizes may require you to play several rounds. You play along from the round in which you first entered and you stop whenever you want, provided of course you have enough credit in your account.

  • What is a no deposit bonus?

    A no deposit bonus is a bonus you often get as a new player when you first start playing Bingo at an online casino. For this bonus, unlike the deposit bonus, you do not have to put money into your account first. You can play immediately while limiting your risk.

    You can spend the no deposit bonus not only at Bingo but often on other games as well. At some casinos and bingo providers, you can also win real money with the no deposit bonus. Sometimes the winnings you make with credit from a no-deposit bonus will be removed from your account after the game. Sometimes these winnings are released only after you have also played with real money. Again, the terms and conditions describe how the casino you play at deals with this.

  • Can you win real money with online bingo?

    Naturally, you can win real money! Bingo has very attractive prizes, such as a fixed jackpot or a progressive jackpot. Often there are also other jackpots that make games more fun and exciting, and give you more chances to win.

  • Is bingo a game of chance?

    According to the definition of the gambling commission, bingo is an “equal chance game”, which means that:

    • it does not involve playing or staking against a bank
    • it must be a game in which the chances are equally favourable, with equal win-probability for all tickets.
  • Am I really playing against other players or against the computer?

    That depends entirely on which game you play. Usually, online Bingo is a real-time game where you therefore play live against other players in the casino. If you are playing against a computer in Single Player Bingo, for example, this is always clearly indicated. With Live Bingo, you always play against real players anyway where you can even see the dealer at work through the camera and follow the other players live.

  • How is the bingo prize money calculated?

    The prize pool is usually calculated based on the number of players and the total stake during a game. With a progressive jackpot this is different as the winnings are a sum of different games or machines so the total fluctuates and is much higher than with regular Bingo. With Bingo this is no different although sometimes a fixed amount of prize money is used so that it is immediately clear to players in advance what they are playing for. At Bingo, a payout ratio of 3:2 for winnings usually applies.

  • Can I play with a fixed card?

    At Bingo, this is not possible. A Bingo card is created by the computer with a Random Number Generator (RNG) and after the game ends, the card expires and you can continue playing with a new card. At most casinos, you can buy cards in advance so you can continue playing comfortably and not have to buy a new card every time. This adds to the comfort of playing.

  • What if my internet connection goes down while playing?

    For playing bingo over the internet, a stable and fast internet connection is definitely a must. However, should a problem occur with your connection that gets you thrown out of the game, a policy will go into effect that is provided by each casino. The computer system determines the outcome of the game and should you lose the connection during a game of Bingo and you would have won, you will still get paid. Purchased cards that have not yet been played remain valid, of course. However, should a problem arise that does not resolve itself, you can always contact customer service and they will usually take care of it promptly.

  • How do I know if a casino is trustworthy?

    Many questions asked are about the reliability of online casinos and bingo sites. In a nutshell, all good casinos are licensed. Licences from Malta and Gibraltar, for example, are highly regarded. These guarantee that you as a player are protected by the law enforced in the respective country. In addition, casinos and bingo sites work with reliable and authority-approved and sealed RNG (Random Number Generator) systems. These ensure that the game is fair. For bingo, the RNG works in exactly the same way. The casino can thus in no way influence the outcomes of a game!

    Always check the licence and systems being worked with beforehand to ensure a worry-free bingo experience!